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Title: An audience of one
Post by: Northoftheborder on February 06, 2016, 03:21:03 PM
It's often remarked how the best - or at least the most natural - radio presenters present their shows as if broadcasting to a single person. Mind you, the opposite is actually the truth, with this being the technique most likely to bring them the biggest, most loyal audiences!

But it's surely beyond doubt that there's an innate skill in crafting a programme that sounds like it's designed solely with you in mind - or at least that's how you imagine it! The late Terry Wogan had honed that art almost to perfection, as I'm sure many of us will agree. Attempting to sum up his career in broadcasting (in just a few words) is nigh on impossible, so just try and envisage how difficult it must have been for Radio Two's on-duty newsreader to break the news of Sir Terry's passing, just under a week ago.

Wisely, Radio Two devoted a great deal of last Sunday morning to paying tribute to someone who served them tirelessly, over many years. But perhaps the best tribute was paid during the following morning's breakfast show. If you didn't catch last Monday's Chris Evans show, then I've no hesitation in recommending it to you, via this iPlayer link: