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Title: 15 Minute Drama - Clutch, Throttle, Brake
Post by: Albert on January 30, 2017, 11:18:56 AM
Just thought I'd like to say something about this one. Generally, The 15 Minute Drama isn't intended to be taken as a serious literary offering and this one is no different. But this one has Bill Paterson playing what I have to presume is very much himself, the dour Scotsman but with a bit of an edge and possibly with some humour lurking there too.

Mr Paterson's iMDb is impressive ( and goes back a long way, beyond the wonderful days of Play For Today.

I think I first 'got to know' Bill in Auf Wedersehen Pet as Ally Fraser, and then as a doctor in The Singing Detective. He certainly brings a presence to a project and this one is no difference.

An easy on the ear gentle comedy.

Alison Steadman is in here somewhere too.

So, that's my morning tea times sorted for the week. (