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Title: 10K signed so far to reinstate Brian Matthew on SOTS
Post by: steve_lowman_ on February 18, 2017, 12:34:39 PM ( More than 10,000 supporters for this petition so far.

Brian Matthew was sacked, but the Radio 2 managers, BBC press office, and even the BBC Complaints dept have maintained a persistent lie that he "stepped down due to ill health", despite Brian's strong refutations of this.

They seem to have been planning to sideline the show, and took advantage by sacking Brian after he had a fall at home, even though he fully recovered within a few weeks. They have now announced pushing SOTS back to 6 am and bringing in Tony Blackburn to replace Brian. I am sure no one who has signed the petition would approve of this schedule change. Why not put TB where he does best, i.e. POTP, and let Brian do what he does best, i.e. SOTS? And, Gambo could do shows that he's more suited to, of course.

Many listeners are still unaware of any of this story, and so far, the managers have got away with their bullying and lies. We need to call them to account. BBC Radio 4 Feedback will have a major feature next week, and they have requested listeners' comments at ( . Listener's comments and views will be put to Lewis Carnie, so this is a chance to demonstrate the strength of listeners' arguments to challenge his crass policies and management style.