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Title: BBC Opens World Service Archive Spanning 45 Years & 50,000 Programmes
Post by: darcysarto on September 24, 2013, 09:13:47 PM
There's more information over here

Because of the unique way the BBC is funded - and the unique way in which it has in recent times pissed it's fund up the wall - it means we the peeps have an unique opportunity to do some work for them, consider it a free internship, or outternship.


Help tag a collection of BBC programmes from over 45 years of radio

BBC Research & Development is running an experiment with the BBC's World Service radio archive to demonstrate how to put large media archives online using a combination of algorithms and people. With your help we aim to comprehensively and accurately tag this collection of BBC programmes.

This prototype website includes over 50,000 English-language radio programmes from the BBC World Service radio archive spanning the past 45 years, which have all been categorised by a machine. You can explore the archive, listen to the programmes and help improve it by validating and adding tags.

It's an opportunity, if you have time - and ears to spare - crack out that anorak and have a look.