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BBC Local Radio Board / BBC Jersey Gillham Gold
« on: August 26, 2017, 04:28:48 AM »
So why has Tony Gillham been dumped by BBC Radio Jersey?

He was protesting today on his final regular broadcast of "Gillham Gold" that he is not retiring but having reached the age of 65 and been at it for 50 years he is being taken down. Is there a BBC ageist policy at work....?  We know that women face discrimination on screen once they cease to have girlie looks but as they say - Tony Gillham has the ideal face for radio and he is obviously enthusiastic about his job. So shall the public be told what BBC Management policy has been applied - after all the station claims "to reach people's likes with programmes that inform, educate and entertain."

Bearing in mind that we are the licencees who pay for the services provided are we not to be kept informed about the running of this most important media provider of information and forum for the expression of ideas.  Is there still a "listeners panel" that will raise this and similar matters? What role does the public have in the provision of BBC broacasting? Are we expected just to sit in silence and take what is given to us...

Very disappointed BBC are taking down Tony Gillham.

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