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Radio 4 / Re: Program on a village who kidnapped loggers
« Last post by mel on January 01, 2017, 02:27:56 PM »
If it was on BBC Radio 4 last week im sure your`ll find it here.

Good Luck.
Radio 4 / Program on a village who kidnapped loggers
« Last post by unclejonsson on January 01, 2017, 11:35:55 AM »
Please can anyone help with the program on Radio 4 the other day about illegal loggers and how the women of the village took them hostage when they came close to their spring water supply?  The place then moved on to claim their own independence and appointed its own security.  I hope that is enough to jog your memory and perhaps direct me towards the name of the program. Thank you.
Radio 2 / Re: Tony Blackburn Returns To The BBC
« Last post by mel on December 17, 2016, 01:58:20 AM »
Good News.. Good News.. Good News

Tony Blackburn returns to BBC London with his Sunday Soul Show.
Each Sunday from  new years day playing the music we each know and love.

He`s been away for too long and it`ll be good to hear him again.
Thanks for your words of encouragement Northoftheborder, but I'm not quite so sure I can share your optimism. Something is telling me it's now too late for any listeners, to try and have their say.

If you read my previous post two months ago, you will have seen that my friend's niece emailed the presenter in question. Having written that it was "time this was all sorted out" all he ever managed to do, was install a block upon her emails to him. Exactly the same unfriendly treatment that her auntie, me (and a friend of ours) had all received. No reply, no warning of what was about to occur. Quite frankly, what a cowardly course of action.

Unfazed by all of this, she waited a few weeks before sending a short but polite email, to a presenter at Radio Stoke. Although this chap didn't reply, he passed her email on to someone who did. The same day, too!

Their assistant editor Alistair Miskin asked her to provide more details, so that he could either discuss her concerns, or pass them on to someone who knew more than he did. She replied, informing him that this was a show carried each Sunday by Radio Stoke, but which she thought came from BBC Hereford & Worcester. Alistair responded promptly and politely, confirming that he had forwarded her email to the BBC H&W management team.

At last! Perhaps a BBC manager will be able to answer a simple question - Alistair Miskin undoubtedly did as much as he could. However, over a fortnight later, we have yet to see any response from BBC Hereford & Worcester.

We listened to the show at the centre of all this controversy, last Sunday. During the final hour, where once there had been something like 45 minutes of music requests, we heard just two listeners' names directly linked to music played. This weekend's show was worse still, with the presenter plumbing the depths of "misheard lyrics". Would it really be too hard to accommodate an hour of listener requests? Or don't we matter to you, any more?

No wonder BBC H&W have been so reticent to respond to my friend's niece. I could always ask them myself but, somehow, I hardly think it's worth my while. Far better instead to retune to another part of BBC local radio.

Looking upthread, I see that Northoftheborder started it all off, just over two years ago. She was right all along, wasn't she? BBC managers aren't able to answer simple questions. At all. How sad, for us mere listeners.
Radio 1 / Trying to find a song
« Last post by PeachyKeen on November 18, 2016, 10:32:35 AM »
Hello - it was probably a few months ago late in the evening a song by a band called 'Columbia' was played - I think they're a new punk band but for the life of me I can't find any of their songs ... any website or social media. help!
Radio 4 / Re: Love In Recovery, comedy drama set in Alcoholics Anonymous
« Last post by Petejackson on October 30, 2016, 09:42:04 AM »
Hello all, bit of a shameless plug I'm afraid but, Love in Recovery series 1 and 2, plus the Christmas Special will soon be available on CD or 'download to own' from Amazon. Release date is December the 1st, but it's available to pre order now.
Plug over. Sorry about that. Series 3 coming soonish
Radio 2 / Tony Blackburn Returns To The BBC
« Last post by mel on October 19, 2016, 04:24:20 PM »

Tony Blackburn Returns.

Its good to see the BBC management coming to there senses at last.

I don't know the full story and to be honest I don't want to know. All I do know is that Tony Blackburn is one of our finest presenters, and it`ll be good to hear him back where he belongs.

He still has a lot to offer and outshines many other "younger" presenters.
Good Luck Tony
The Afternoon Play / Home
« Last post by Albert on October 18, 2016, 02:13:10 PM »
Home by Paul Dodgson

First Broadcast 15 October 2014. Well I don't think I could have been near a radio that day, however this play sounded nicely familiar and I see why:

On The Road Not Taken by Paul Dodgson, which I posted about here:

Today's Play was very different though, but I could write exactly the same words.

Except the hashtags. All I can think of to say in place of those words is  "been there, done crying'.

(I can admit to that can't I? Well, it's an anonymous internet forum.)


Radio 2 / Re: 1970s comedy shows on Radio 2
« Last post by Telstar Boy on October 02, 2016, 09:45:21 PM »
Thanks for the confirmation, Albert!  I'm pleased to know that you and your brothers spotted her too.  I agree, it was annoying (at least at first), as this lady use to laugh at almost ANYTHING, which is why I wondered if she was indeed a "plant" in the audience.  It's my understanding that plants are used in certain circumstances to help "enliven" an audience.  It did indeed become a bit of a game to see when her laugh would be heard.

Interesting also that although Radio 2 was aimed at a much older audience at the time, both you, your brothers, and myself were listening at our young ages!  They did have some good comedy on there at the time.  RIP Hello Cheeky and the other great shows :)
It's been a good three months, so I reckon it's time I got back in touch and updated you on how this bizarre issue has progressed...
September's nearly over, but there's been nothing from Mr Jennings. Not one email. Clearly the concerns of licence-fee paying listeners in his region are of the utmost importance to him, aren't they? Northoftheborder was correct!

I told you so, Ali! In my book, Jennings displays the depths of his arrogance. Cannot bother acknowledging a concerned e-mail. Mind you, perhaps the reality of his staff's behaviour has rendered the ultimate boss of BBC West Midlands speechless; they say that the truth hurts, don't they David? Another question which you cannot answer??

Maybe you ought to e-mail David Jennings, reiterating your concerns Ali? After all, you've related how events have now taken a distinct turn for the worse:


In actual fact, a further two listeners have now had their ability to email this show blocked. Last Sunday, my friend's niece politely pointed out that it was "time this was all sorted out". This weekend (when she tried to request, I'm sorry suggest, a well-known song) her email bounced back, with a standard "Sender Denied" message. The presenter never bothered to address her concerns, nor did he ever warn her of the possibility of this action taking place.

Back in June (when we'd both become aware that this presenter had blocked our emails) a former work colleague volunteered to help us out. He'd had to stand down from his job a while ago owing to poor health, in fact he's not at all well. But as he'd kindly offered to assist us both, he emailed the show explaining simply that it was his first ever request - on behalf of two friends. But his message was completely ignored, as were the following two emails.

Having waited a while, he recently tried to email the show once again. This time, his email generated a response. Yes you've guessed it, a message stating "Sender Denied". For goodness sake, what has BBC Midlands come to?

I'll tell you what. Bullying listeners into submission, that's all it is. Abhorrent, inexcusable behaviour, that wouldn't be tolerated in the 21st century workplace. Somehow though, BBC West Midlands reckon it's acceptable to exclude (seemingly permanently) any listeners who dare to fight their own corner, conveniently forgetting who pays.

But you're wrong, claiming that only four listeners have been blocked from e-mailing this particular presenter. I know of at least one other listener who's had this treatment meted out to them, after trying to extract the reasoning behind his discriminatory treatment of her politely-worded e-mail suggestions. This began at the end of last year.

I'll refrain from giving any more details as I intend to fully support this listener, in her campaign to unearth a credible answer from the management of BBC West Midlands.

Sounds like fighting talk, but I'm not expecting any more progress than you've had, Ali! However, the more of us that stand up for ourselves the better, wouldn't you say?

You may contend that the BBC are only reacting to my posting on this public forum. Giving them a bad name, you might say. But I was only forced into doing that, after they blocked my friend - who'd previously sent a variety of successful requests to this presenter. Then they blocked me, after I'd sent my first ever request to this show. Now they've blocked my friend's niece, plus our friend who's very poorly indeed. How many more of us will be blocked?

Where will this all end? Every one of us was only trying to stand up for ourselves, or for friends that we cared deeply about. Well you would, wouldn't you? What on earth ever happened to "Be Part Of It"?

Please don't despair, Ali. Now is not the time to give up. I've only just heard someone play Bob Marley's song Get Up, Stand Up. As Bob sang: "don't give up the fight"...
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