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Author Topic:  The Petition To Save BBC Local Radio its closure and its submissions.  (Read 2809 times)


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The Petition now needs to be submitted.

 In the light of Mark Thompson's statement that there will be no networking with 5 Live. I cannot change the wording of the petition... Therefore I will submit as a very important document in support of BBC local radio. The comments have been quite wonderful in support of what is a very important public service. The consultation regarding BBC LR is in process at the same time as the Delivering Quality First team are in action..and will be reporting in the autumn.

I will request that the Trust , Management , Jeremy Hunt and his department, and his shadow read every single comment, before anyone is prepared to damage BBC local radio any further than it has already been damaged by chronic under funding and bad management.

Those comments are worth, many many hundreds of letters to The Trust.

I am drafting covering letters and will publish here..also where the Petition has been sent. So far as I am concerned it is a collective voice and can be used by anyone to support the case for BBC LR.

I feel that it is now correct to close it for comment. Some of us have worked very hard on it's publicity..Ruby on facebook Darcy on Twitter and many others. Well done.


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Dear Mr Thompson,


I am aware that you have said that following the license fee settlement that
many BBC services will have to be scrutinized for economy. You have included
BBC local radio within that . Ideas that have been proposed about the future
of BBC local radio coming from the Delivering Quality First Team include
networking between local stations or networking with a national station.

I believe that the inclusion of BBC local radio in a cost cutting exercise
is totally unacceptable.

BBC local radio is chronically underfunded already. They often have only one
dedicated reporter for their area. The staff on the station are multi
tasking often covering stories, whilst presenting, and having management

This is wrong. BBC local radio remains almost the only robust public service
in broadcasting. If you wish to address a local or national issue and how it
impacts at community level BBC local radio is apart from social media the
only real means.

It therefore, represents part of our democracy, and to damage it limits our

The BBC is funded by the public in the belief that it is serving that

The petition To Save BBC Local Radio was started in the spring and has now
over 1,880 names, more importantly it has many many comments from listeners
who come from over the country and across demographics and they are united
in their support of BBC local radio.

I would expect you to read all of these comments.And I will repeat a comment
from the petition that you are only a temporary custodian of this valuable
public service and you have a duty to protect it's future.

The petition is here..

Thankyou for your time and I look forward to your response,

The BBC Radio Forum.

This has been the first submission to Mark Thompson..and it will form the bones of other submissions..if anyone has any comment please let me know.




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Well , I have to report that this is the reply that I have received from the petition submission to Mark Thompson. To say that I am completely disgusted is an understatement. It will of course be made as public as possible. I have already contacted interested parties.

This is the reply to over 1,880 names and comments about why BBC Local Radio should be protected.

"Reference CAS-907268-7GM5JG

Thanks for your correspondence regarding BBC local radio output.

No decisions about the future of BBC local radio have been made yet. A wide range of ideas about the shape of the BBCs future have been discussed by staff during Delivering Quality First sessions. These sessions are designed to provoke discussion about the way the BBC works and how we can shape the BBC in the context of maintaining quality whilst dealing with a flat licence fee which will be around 16% smaller by the time we take the BBC's new obligations into account. Any decisions coming out of the process would be subject to approval by the BBC Trust.

Nevertheless, thanks for your feedback which is welcomed by the BBC.

NB This is sent from an outgoing account only which is not monitored. You cannot reply to this email address but if necessary please contact us via our webform quoting any case number we provided.

Kind Regards

Claire Ward
BBC Complaints

This email has been scanned by the MessageLabs Email Security System.
For more information please visit


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This is the reply that I have had from David Holdsworth, Head of Regions.

"Thank you for this.
I started my BBC career in Local Radio and I feel both proud and priviliged to be in charge of it now.
I absolutely believe in it, as I hope do the 7 million plus regular listeners. It's gratifying to read some of the comments here.
It will be some time before the BBC's proposals to balance the books under the new licence fee are confirmed. All I can say at this point is that the nature of the settlement means even the most modestly funded parts of the BBC have to be looked at.
Having said that, it's already been made clear that the idea of merging Local Radio with 5 Live is not going to happen.
You might be interested to know that the BBC Trust, who take an ultimate view of all the proposals, are about to review the Local Radio service licence. They will have an important part to play in all of this. You might want to contact them at:
BBC Trust Unit
180 Great Portland Street

With best wishes


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Do not all rush with comments!

This is a reply to a national forum

"Thankyou for your comments.

In reply, the best thing to say is that BBC local radio is a vital radio service. It needs to be fought for at the moment. I am not sure that there will be any protection from senior management and the executive board. In fact I doubt it is anywhere near their top list of priorities.

So, who is going to speak out for it?

The BBC Trust? well let us hope that they do?? I wonder how many submissions that they have had to their consultation? Chris Patten is fairly elitist and I would imagine he is very good news for The World Service and R3 and far as BBCLR is concerned..again not really top of the agenda.

So, the managing editors of each local station and their regional managers..are they fighting the cause?..with the exeption of Nigel Dyson and similar I am not sure that they are either..

So, in the end it comes down to the listener and public support. Now that is pretty hard would you get that listener support behind BBC local radio?? networking is one of the ways but it has taken up many many hours of my personal time, which I and others did not need to give up..we have children and other commitments.

And then you have to look at how important a listener is anyway in the larger picture of BBC local radio..and when you have posters such as MR you begin to wonder what is the point??Ok I know that he is not representative by any means, but if there is only him sometimes you begin to wonder at the courage of some lurkers?.

I hope some other listeners may now take up a message of support for BBCLR, it may be better for us to only concentrate on our local areas, ?

I will continue with the submission of the petition to the Trust..because there is a responsibility to many of the wonderful comments, and I believe it may be important to continue it with new words.."

OK , that is a record of what has been said.

I am happy to continue with the submission of the petition to the Trust, anyone who is bothered can add extra remarks , if they wish.

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