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 A Serious Matter: BBC Orchestras & Singers Largely Survive DQF Cuts


I can't quite believe that Tim Davie is in the running for DG of the BBC.  At least not unless he brought a consultant in to translate his CV for him into plain English.   This is the man who had big hand in forgetting the BBC's public purpose and wanted to ditch 6Music.

Since that time he seems to no longer trust himself and instead employ consultants to do his job for him.  John Myers came in to look at the popular music stations and now John Myerscough has made the case for the BBC's performing groups.

30 million pounds give-or-take is spent on 5 orchestras and the BBC Singers each year.  Myerscough makes a compelling case for their public purpose and to be fair, I'd much rather listen to one of them than listen to the verbal detritus that must gush out of Tim Davie's mouth.

If the BBC is serious about saving our money they could do worse than get rid of this twit who seems to have little understanding or empathy for the organisation he works for or how to lead and manage. 

I'll leave the final word to William Rogers and his excellent blog:


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