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Author Topic:  JEREMY HUNT ON THE "ANDREW MARR SHOW" - what a performance!  (Read 2513 times)


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I was watching the "Andrew Marr" show this morning and Jeremy Hunt was one of the guests.  Is that man real?  What a cringeworthy performance!  Most of his comments about the BBC and the appointment of the new Director General was all television based - not one word about radio, or, what's more important, local radio.  He obviously wants to keep his job as Culture Secretary in any proposed reshuffle, because "there's lots to be excited about.  The BBC has to be special, different - not chasing ratings".  It concerns me a little when he says there is lots to be excited about.  I hope, but I am not convinced, that some of the excitement is about LOCAL TELEVISION - which I think many people won't want, when most of the money put aside could go into LOCAL RADIO, which is more important for many listeners.  If there is any justice in this world, they should get a new person as Culture Secretary, who is ready to listen to all arguments and make a balanced view of things.  How long will it take for him to get into his head - KEEP LOCAL RADIO LOCAL AND GIVE IT A CASH BOOST to enable it to keep delivering quality programmes.  George Entwistle should be prepared to take my last sentence on board as well because, I suspect he has never listened to local radio in his life!


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Re: JEREMY HUNT ON THE "ANDREW MARR SHOW" - what a performance!
« Reply #1 on: July 15, 2012, 09:45:52 PM »
Hi Rita, sadly(?!) I missed this.  It does seem that with Hunt having appeared The Media Show a week ago, then Any Questions on Friday and now on the Andrew Marr show that the PR people have decide it's safe for him to come out from behind his tree.

Despite everyone who doesn't hide behind trees (except Dave) being of the belief that he should have resigned long ago, Hunt himself still believes he is untouchable.


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Re: JEREMY HUNT ON THE "ANDREW MARR SHOW" - what a performance!
« Reply #2 on: July 18, 2012, 07:52:25 PM »
Dear Rita,

These are copies of letters sent in response to Jeremy Hunt last week in his local paper.

Here is mine..

"Dear Sir,

It was depressing to read Jeremy Hunt's letter in your newspaper last week.
His letter states very strongly that he feels that he has done nothing wrong
and that anyone who doubts that is a conspiracy theorist. I suggest that is
breathtaking arrogance.

There is clearly a difference between the actions of Mr Hunt in public and
in private. He cannot expect an educated, informed electorate to believe
without question that he has acted properly and with integrity when his very
loyal Special Advisor"got resigned" and his personal texts to James Murdoch
suggest otherwise.

It is insulting to the residents of South West Surrey to treat them as
idiotic in this way.

There are still many questions that remain unanswered regarding Mr Hunt's
conduct. And many independent commentators have called for his resignation.
The unanswered questions pertain to his very covert licence fee settlement
with the BBC, the fact that he secured 25million of that fee for his pet
local commercial TV venture(which had the backing of Sky) and many other

I believe in the democracy of media, especially local media and its
plurality. It is absolutely correct that questions be asked and comments
made about the handling of the BSkyB bid and the possible need for further
scrutiny of Mr Hunt.

He should show respect for his elected position And not attack those that
question these very important issues as conspiracy theorists. Instead all
information must be made available and transparent.

It is also disappointing that Mr Hunt has refused many requests to appear on
his local BBC radio station and answer directly to the community that
elected him.

AND HERE IS ANOTHER(not from me but expresses serious concern about Hunt)

Both letters have been published


It is gratifying to see our MP, Jeremy Hunt, using your letters page to
respond to my letter (Herald, 22 June). This technique might be a useful
way to encourage him to reply to my numerous unanswered questions that I
have put to him. (Other constituents who have mentioned to me that they
have similarly written to Mr Hunt and had no response, please note.)

Intriguing though Mr Hunt's letter was, it had very little relevance to
the points that I made, which largely related to his honesty and his
breaches of the Ministerial Code. Yes, Mr Hunt "published more
information" than had any previous minister, but my letter did not
suggest that he had not. Indeed, it would have been extraordinary, and
would have led to questions from all parties in Westminster, had he not
done so. His boast that his actions have been recognised approvingly by
"numerous independent commentators" seems to overlook the fact that all
LibDem members of the coalition abstained in the House of Commons vote.
That hardly strikes me as a glowing endorsement of his integrity. It
also underlines the main point of my letter - that the coalition will
collapse very shortly. Since that earlier letter, many Conservative MPs
have made demands of the Prime Minister for a referendum on Europe and
abandonment of plans to reform the House of Lords. Both moves will be
anathema to the LibDems and will accelerate the unravelling of this
government coalition, with the Conservatives losing votes to UKIP in big
numbers when the election takes place in the next year or so.

Mr Hunt attempts to take the higher ground in his claim to have been
impartial in the BSkyB negotiations, but that totally ignores the fact
that his special adviser had ongoing, regular contact with the bidders,
News International, while Mr Hunt himself allowed just one meeting with
each of the opposing media groups and lobbyists, some of which he
treated with such disdain that no civil servant was present and,
therefore, no minutes were taken. Is that what he regards as even-handed?

It is almost exactly a year since the revelation of the hacking of Milly
Dowler's mobile phone by a News International journalist was revealed.
As a result of the outrage expressed, Rupert Murdoch withdrew his bid
for 100% of BSkyB. At that point, Jeremy Hunt, in his quasi judicial
role as arbiter on the bid, had already decided to approve it. If the
news of the phone hacking had come a few days later, or, if News Corp
had persevered in its aim, then Mr Hunt and the government would have
had egg on their faces. There would have been a need to attempt to
unpick the deal, at huge expense to the taxpayer and over an exceedingly
long period. Have we heard any expression of contrition or embarrassment
from Mr Hunt for the disaster he so nearly  inflicted on the country?
Not a word. All we have seen is a determination to portray himself as an
injured, innocent party. Come the next election, do SW Surrey residents
wish to continue to be represented by a politician who confessed to
being a Murdoch cheerleader and was branded by one national newspaper as
Minister for Murdoch? Are his constituents happy to have an MP who
abdicated impartiality, using his position of trust and power to pursue
his own personal preference, ahead of the national interest, when he
adjudicated in favour of an organisation which has already admitted
large-scale phone hacking and many of whose executives are facing
criminal trials for police bribery and perjury?


I heard Jeremy Hunt on Any Questions getting laughed at, I also have seen him talking on Andrew Marr where he seems to think that it is acceptable to band the democracy word about!

Oh no Mr are a long way from that.
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